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Produce quality writing that connects with target audiences, boosts egnagement, and enhances brand awareness


Promote company’s mission and vision through clear, compelling content 


Generate pitches based on current events and market trends


Increase website traffic by following SEO best practices


Complete writing assignments within project specifications and deadlines


Market products and services through blog posts, ebooks, email, and more

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Competitive Pay


Career growth opportunities


Expert Recruitment Team in the Philippines


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Global Impact Sourcing LLC. Content Writer Job Description

Job Title: Content Writers

Job Overview:

Global Impact Sourcing marketing team is looking for a content writer who understands web writing, SEO best practices, and brand-centered storytelling. They will craft various content types — including website copy, blog posts, social posts, and product descriptions — that address our target audiences and promote our brand. They will research industry topics and trends, optimize content for organic search, revise and edit pieces, and collaborate with other writers and marketers to ensure brand consistency. Ideal candidates will be creative, strategic, detail-oriented, and able to meet deadlines.


        • Write content that promotes our products and services
        • Conduct in-depth research and convey findings with accuracy
        • Revise and edit content before publication
        • Stay current on marketing and general industry trends to augment content development
        • Work with content strategists to build editorial calendars
        • Collaborate with team members to ensure alignment and consistency in branding, style, and messaging

Skills and Qualifications:

        • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
        • Impeccable use of grammar, punctuation, and spelling
        • Strong attention to detail
        • Ability to meet tight deadlines
        • Creative and strategic-thinking skills
        • Proficiency in web-based research and SEO best practices

Preferred Qualifications:

        • Proven experience as a content writer or copywriter
        • Ability to collaborate with other writers and receive and give feedback
        • Compelling writing style, voice, and tone
        • Experience using content management systems like WordPress or Drupal
        • Positive attitude and a willingness to learn
        • Portfolio of relevant writing samples

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