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Unlock your business potential with a Graphic Designer from Global Impact Sourcing✓


Conceptualizing and Designing Visuals: Brainstorming ideas, understanding client needs, and creating visual concepts.


Creating Digital and Print Materials: Producing logos, advertisements, brochures, websites, and more using design software.


Collaborating and Revising: Working closely with clients and team members to refine designs and meet project objectives.

Global Impact Sourcing LLC. Graphic Designer Job Description

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Job Overview:

We are seeking a new graphic designer to join our team. You will be designing a wide variety of things across digital and offline media. To be successful in this position, you’ll be a self-starter, capable of delivering brilliant creative ideas, and show amazing attention to detail.


          • Project Support:
            • Planning concepts by studying relevant information and materials.
            • Provide support in organizing and preparing project documentation, including editing and formatting.
            • Assist in document preparation, editing, and formatting.
          • Communication and Collaboration:
            • Serve as a liaison between developers, clients, and external partners, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.
            • Utilize various communication channels such as email, chat, and virtual meetings to facilitate effective interaction among team members.
            • Maintain a system for tracking and responding to project-related inquiries promptly.
            • Communicating with clients about layout and design.
          • Task Management:
            • Prioritize and manage tasks to ensure deadlines are met.
            • Collaborate with team members to track project progress and deliverables.
          • Research and Data Management:
            • Conduct online research for relevant information, data, and market trends.
            • Compile and organize data to support decision-making processes.
          • Technical Proficiency:
            • Illustrating concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, type size and style and submitting them for approval.
            • Preparing finished art by operating necessary equipment and software.
            • Creating a wide range of graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites with software such as photoshop.


        • Experience as a graphic designer or in related field.
        • Demonstrable graphic design skills with a strong portfolio.
        • Proficiency with required desktop publishing tools, including Photoshop, InDesign Quark, and Illustrator.
        • Self-motivated and able to work independently with minimal supervision.
        • Availability during regular business hours and flexibility to accommodate different time zones.

Education and Experience:

        • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or related field.
        • Experience with computer-aided design.

What Our Valued Clients Say About Partnering With Global Impact Sourcing

” I have another LO that is wanting to use your company to dial for new realtor appts. I know we have Chum working for us now and we are having such amazing success, the other loan officers are wanting to participate in the program right away. Please let me know how fast we can get them started!”

Jon Adams

Managing Partner, Palmetto

” Great work!! Averaging 4 great calls every day. Thank you. “

Donnie Bryant

Branch Manager, Palmetto

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